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October 29, 2019

My mission is to help demystify what life is like in a male-dominated field of medicine. Join me!!

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For a year now, I’ve been blogging for aspiring and early career doctors wonder what work-life balance and financial empowerment can look like for someone in a male-dominated field like interventional radiology. This blog is dedicated to women surgeons, women in medicine, women in the STEM fields, and all working parents.

It’s a place for those who wonder if they belong in their chosen field, because they don’t look like everyone else. I hope it’s a source of support and inspiration, in what can feel like uncharted territory, even in 2019. 

After a year of developing and honing my voice, I continue toiling, editing, and sharing, preaching the optimism of self-discovery and self-actualization through the sharing of my own journey in medicine and in parenthood.

Sometimes I wonder: why should we care? 

After all,

Who cares if you find the most fulfilling career for you? 

Who cares if you get to save lives or not? 

Who cares if you’re holding the scalpel or the bedpan? 

We’re all helping people, right?

Who cares if you find a career that marries your dexterity with your smarts?

Who cares if you are pushed into a “lifestyle field” and later regret it?

Who cares if women get paid equally for the same work? 

They don’t really have to support their families if that’s the husband’s job, right? 

Who cares if women receive 20 or 30% less for doing the same amount and quality of work?

Who cares if they receive less even for doing a superior job

They’ll still make a good living in medicine. 

Who cares if medicine and surgery remain a boys’ club

Who cares if practicing interventional radiologists continue to be comprised of just 9% women? 

Who cares if talented women are intimidated by male dominated fields like IR, so they do something else? 

Maybe they don’t belong anyway. 

Or maybe they are destined to invent the next device that changes thousands of lives. 

Who cares if women remain the vast majority of the healthcare workforce, but the leadership remains predominantly male?

There are some people who will never understand why this site exists. This site isn’t for them

I care about the success and fulfillment of women in male-dominated fields, and I’m not going to stop talking about it.  

If you have benefitted from the site, please share an article with a friend, a mentor, or a mentee. Share it with your groups and your master-minds. 

E-mail, text, WhatsApp, DM, G-chat, or Facebook message someone a link to an article you think she needs. Send her a nod, to tell her she shouldn’t hesitate to kick ass today.

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