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What does a momma doc do in her spare time?

November 6, 2020

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As an interventional radiologist at a trauma center, I also happen to be a human and a mom. You might wonder, how do I balance the sometimes demanding, unpredictable schedule of emergency call with the rest of my life? Well, I take a week off nearly every month, for a total of 10 weeks per year. That might sound like a lot, when you’re used to 3 or 4 weeks off per year as a trainee! So what does a momma doc actually do with all this time off? Here the top 10 things you’ll find me doing in my spare time. 

Extended a.m. routine

1. I’ll extend my morning routine. This might involve sleeping an extra few minutes, but I don’t sleep in like I used to pre-child. I get my little man ready and off to pre-school by 8:30. We have some time for coffee, breakfast, and potty. This gives my husband a break, since he does toddler mornings when I’m working. 

Self-care for a momma doc

2. On a week off, I’ll head to some appointments. Whether I need a skin check at the derm, new tires, or a sit-down with my accountant, it’s all part of self-care as a mom who also works outside the home! And every week off is an opportunity to see my therapist, who helps me with relationships and stress management.

3. Eat healthy food. I fast until 11, then fill up on some eggs and avocado toast. If I crave something sweet or feel like a bottomless pit, I might make a protein shake from Body Love

Strategy for the momma doc

4. Whether I’m working or not, I blog. When I’m off, I have more time to brainstorm upcoming topics to share here. I’ll also write drafts, edit, format, and publish posts. I used to plunk down at a coffee shop for a few hours at a time to do this, but I’ve gotten more efficient with practice. 

5. Manage the finances. I look at all our accounts, and make sure the money is going where it’s supposed to. How is my 401k balance doing? Do I need to reinvest some dividends? How’s our progress toward savings goals? Or do I have excess cash lying around, looking for a job?

Family matters

6. Most days, I aim to get outside with my little dude, who is three. Whether we head to the park after school, or visit our equine friends at the local stables, we make it a point to get out for some desert sunshine. 

7. Hang out as a family. This can involve a trip to the local air museum, bubbles in the backyard, or recording the latest musical sensation in our little studio. 

Sharing the message of the empowered doc

8. In the evening, I’ll sign and send some copies of Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own. I love my label printer, which reminds me of my play cash register as a kid. Any chance I can feel like I’m playing is a win!

9. Strategize how to reach more people with my book and its message. This involves researching people of influence like medical school Deans and podcast producers, so I can introduce myself.  

Mind the timeline

10. Though most weeks during the pandemic involve staying home, my list had to include checking off a bucket list item. A recent example: I’d been dreaming of seeing Grand Teton National Park for a decade. So I convinced my husband to get on board, and we piled in for our first socially-distanced RV adventure, traveling from Palm Springs, California to Jackson, Wyoming.

Was it worth the drive? Heck yeah, it was! I relished the change of scenery in a whole new way I don’t think I could have pre-COVID.

Medical training teaches you to put your nose down and work for long-term gains and delayed rewards. But after training comes the rest of your life, and it’s finite. So don’t forget to assemble your own Grand To-Do List, and start checking things off!

What’s on your bucket list? 

What are you most likely to do on a week off, once the laundry is done, and you’ve called your mom?

Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. Christine Chavez says:

    As it happens, I am on a 1 week staycation right now. I have used this break to refocus on self care and had a few dr’s appointments and a dental cleaning. I also was able to nourish my soul and attend morning prayer services this week. I finished reading your book and and am working on finishing another Dave Ramsey book. I cleaned my house, dropped off donations at Angel View, got my Thanksgiving cards written out and addressed. And I’ve been working my side hustle this week too. I’ve also enjoyed the extra time at home with my 2 daughters when they weren’t busy with their online college classes. On my bucket list is to take a trip to Sequoias with my husband.

    • Tired Superheroine says:

      I love this Christine! How productive yet thoughtful… staycations are a blessing, despite the circumstances!

      When will you put Sequoia on the calendar? Will it be a camping trip or hotel?

  2. MICHAEL Obedian says:

    In my free time I like to hang out in a park and/or write some poetry

    It’s all about identity (Knowing thyself)(In)Capabilities (in)capacities (in)aptitudes and (in)eptitudes alike
    Goals, achievements (and failures)
    Seeing the complete masterpiece (even the unspoken abstract intangibles)
    Foreground (and background)
    (Im)Perfect Brush strokes with 
    (Non)Accidental smudges and smears
    Perseverence through all (the parenthetical parentheses)
    Now read this again (and skip the parentheses)

    • Tired Superheroine says:

      And do you find that you have enough time for “knowing yourself” in this way outside of work, on a full-time schedule?

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