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How do you know where you really belong, if there's no female role model around to show the way?

the concept:
save lives, enjoy Your own

This book is about finding your inner direction and following it, despite what other people may say.

If you're interested in a male-dominated field of medicine, this book is for you.

Scroll down to see some of the themes in Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own.

“If mentors could come in book form, this would be it!
Save Lives,  Enjoy Your Own is super-relatable while being entertaining & informative.
I'd recommend it to anyone in the medical field, whether they're a student, a resident or an attending.”

— ashley yearwood

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Helping a woman in medicine find her way benefits us all. 

I often find myself doubting my capabilities and being dissuaded by the comments of others around me, but this book has helped me navigate those feelings and situations.

I especially enjoyed the "spill your guts" questions at the end of each chapter! I’ve thought about these questions before, but sitting and actually writing down my responses flooded my mind with deeper answers and helped me do the soul searching that I needed!

-Emily Barnard
Medical Student