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Have you heard the about the Hippocratic Hustle?

December 24, 2019

My mission is to help demystify what life is like in a male-dominated field of medicine. Join me!!

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The most exciting thing happened! I’m a guest on the Hippocratic Hustle, a podcast by Carrie Reynolds, MD. Carrie is a pediatric gastroenterologist and entrepreneur living in Colorado with her husband, a surgeon, and their little girl. She started her podcast wanting to share the conversations she was already having with diverse women physicians who started interesting side-projects and businesses. I love her mission, and can relate to her drive to create something and share it with the world!

Take a listen to the Hippocratic Hustle

It’s inspiring to listen to Carrie’s podcast, and hear about the things that our brilliant medical colleagues are doing outside their “day jobs.”

In this episode, we chat about why I started the TiredSuperheroine blog: who it’s for, and what it’s meant to do. The blog is a passion project, and a public service announcement to young doctors. I want those considering the on-call lifestyle of an interventional radiologist or surgeon to know that they can save lives and enjoy their own. It follows that this is my goal both in writing and in life!

We discuss the gender gap in male-dominated specialties

Interventional radiology is statistically the most competitive field in medicine right now. And sadly, studies show that as a field is perceived as more competitive, diversity in the field decreases. This dynamic can make a field appear less friendly to diverse applicants. Therefore, members of underrepresented groups are more likely to opt out, and apply to fields that appear more welcoming. This means losing a large part of the talent pool, people! Despite more women than men entering med school for the first time in history, we still have a yawning gender gap to fill in interventional radiology (IR).

For many years, the number of practicing women in IR has remained static, at around 9%. I want to do my part to change that. Like I nearly did, too many talented women are missing out on an amazing career for the wrong reasons. On the podcast, Carrie and I discuss some of the misconceptions that hold women back from pursuing male-dominated fields like IR.

I hope you enjoy this episode and share with anyone who needs to hear it!

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