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My Guest Post for ChooseFI

October 26, 2019

My mission is to help demystify what life is like in a male-dominated field of medicine. Join me!!

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I’ve often observed how some members of the Financial Independence (FI) community view work as a means to an end. For some, it’s a burden they can’t wait to shed. While others enjoy their work but become hyper-focused on the goal, losing an appreciation for the day to day process. I have experienced the latter.

As a practicing physician, I find myself in a tumultuous and changing field. I love what I do, but there is more to life than my medical career, so I strive for life-work balance. In order to be a good doctor though, I need to be present, not have one foot out the door.

Everyone in the FI community must find their own balance between planning for FI and pining for it. One strategy I’ve used in my early career is to nurture my role at work, shaping it into a better fit: a sort of dream job. In my view, this is a powerful currency in reaching Financial Independence.

Here’s my take on cultivating career satisfaction to fuel the path to FI.

1. The Gut Check: Should You Stay Or Should You Go?

2. Want To Be Appreciated? Be Needed

3. Cultivate Autonomy

4. Be An Innovator: Start Something

5. Once You’ve Earned Some Clout: Get What You Really Want

6. Sometimes It’s The Little Things

7. Be A Work In Progress: Develop Your Leadership Potential

Click to read my full guest post on the fabulous Choose Financial Independence blog here.

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