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Get on board the book launch for “Save Lives!”

September 12, 2020

My mission is to help demystify what life is like in a male-dominated field of medicine. Join me!!

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Hi Friend! This is a short post as I’m out enjoying life somewhere in the woods with my family. It’s a needed change of pace. But planning for the book launch of Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own doesn’t stop. Here’s the update!

It’s ready for launch!

Secure individual copies of the book

As you may know, my book Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own: Finding Your Place in Medicine comes out next month. Here are some announcements on how you can get your hands on a signed special edition copy. I’ll be ordering my first boxes of books in the next week, so I can sign the first batch for YOU! Get a SIGNED special edition when you pre-order the book here.

Whether you need this book to help guide your career decision, or want to purchase a copy for a mentee, you can be among the first to hold this book in its physical form. When you buy this book for an up and coming woman in medicine, you’ll start a ripple effect which could save thousands of lives. I’m serious. Buy a book, save a life!

Bulk book orders for groups, schools & hospitals

If you are part of an institution that teaches medical students or residents heading into the procedural or surgical specialties, you can order bulk copies of the book by emailing me at If you order a bundle of books for your school or institution, I’d love to set up a virtual book club or happy hour to discuss all the juicy contents of the text with your group!

Join the launch for guest speakers & giveaways

If you’re a trainee who wants to join my launch for a chance to win FREE (sponsored) copy of the book, that time has come and gone (as of the end of October of 2020).

For a preview of the book and a list of contributors who shared their perspectives, check out this teaser post.

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to enjoy your own 😉

Barbara Hamilton, MD

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