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Can you face down your worst doubts and win?

August 28, 2021

My mission is to help demystify what life is like in a male-dominated field of medicine. Join me!!

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Hi there! The Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own Podcast continues with an episode on doubt, and how to deal with it. Can you face down your doubts as you enter a competitive, male-dominated field?

In this episode, you’ll hear about the flavors and subtleties of doubt that can arise when you’re not entirely sure you belong in your field just yet.

I love to share the story behind the story in this podcast. This medium allows me to take you behind the scenes to hear about the things that didn’t make their way into the book. The book contains excerpts from interviews of women across various surgically-oriented specialties. Throughout the book, they share their experience and their tips to succeed in medicine, and they are pure gold.

The podcast to face down your doubt

Check out the podcast anywhere you like to stream or download. I’ve liked Apply podcasts and Overcast, and you can listen on Spotify using the embedded player below.

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I hope you face down your doubts and win!

Listen to Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own wherever you get your podcasts.

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If you’re raring to read the full book, Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own: Finding Your Place in Medicine, you can purchase a special signed edition here. And if you read and loved the book, please leave a review on Amazon to let others know it!

I appreciate you!

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