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Another Superheroine Dominating in a Male-Dominated Space

November 15, 2020

My mission is to help demystify what life is like in a male-dominated field of medicine. Join me!!

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Women in male-dominated fields can feel isolated. As an interventional radiologist, there have been countless times I was the only female physician in the room. And the demographics in orthopaedic surgery are even more skewed! This spurred Dr. Nancy Yen Shipley, the subject of this post, to start her podcast. She named it for the tiny proportion of women in orthopaedics: she called it The 6%. On her podcast, she interviews successful women across the spectrum of male-dominated industries, from sports trainers to film directors, CEOs to mechanics. And of course, her fellow physicians. It’s a multidisciplinary approach to the subject, and I think it’s brilliant! Because in my opinion, women in fields like ours have a lot to share across disciplines.

Collaborating to support each other across male-dominated fields

Dr. Yen Shipley and I connected on Twitter when I randomly saw her Tweet announcing her new project– this idea for the podcast she’d been harboring for some time. As her ortho practice slowed down during COVID-19, she decided that it was as good a time as any to get the podcast out into the world!

When I saw her announcement, I had to meet her, and DM’ed her immediately. That’s how I came to be a guest on The 6% (Season 2, Episode 5). In our conversation, we talk about “Leading Differently as Women.” In our episode, you’ll hear more about my back story, and factors that propelled me into the field that I love so much! We chat about how nerdy (yet gratifying) it is to read about leadership in your spare time, and how women can navigate the different expectations placed on them as leaders, especially in male-dominated fields.

Here’s my podcast with NancyMD: 

And here’s the episode page where you can see an outline and take a listen.

Another superheroine in a male-dominated world 

Dr. Yen Shipley, a.k.a. “NancyMD,” is an example of a real-life superheroine in the world of orthopaedics. Once I’d met her, I had to interview her for my book, Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own: Finding Your Place in Medicine. In case you gotten your copy yet, the book contains soundbites from women across the surgically-oriented fields, from OB to ortho, and of course, IR. 

As I mention on the podcast, and as I blog about here— empowering ourselves as female physicians isn’t just about being treated fairly in our careers. It’s about empowering ourselves financially as well. NancyMD, like me, is a female breadwinner and mother.

Here’s a little more about her: 

  • She’s a board-certified, sports fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon in private practice in Portland, Oregon. 
  • She’s an avid podcaster, writer, & speaker who is passionate about sharing her path to medicine with the next generation of physicians. 
  • NancyMD took a unique path, starting in the snowboard industry and event planning before landing on medicine.

Want to hear more about Dr. Yen Shipley?

Well you can! On Thursday, 11/19 at 8 p.m. Eastern/ 5 p.m. Pacific Time, she’ll be presenting a live virtual event in partnership with the digital lending platform, Laurel Road. She’ll speak on her journey to becoming an orthopaedic surgeon, and how she’s learned to manage her finances along the way. The event will aim to inspire those entering and establishing themselves in medicine to take control of their own finances.

NancyMD describes herself as a financial “late bloomer,” and I can’t wait to hear more about why she says that, and what she’s learned!

Here are the details about this upcoming live virtual event: 

  • The Event:
    • Dr. Yen Shipley will discuss wins & challenges in the context of her career and financial journey during this live virtual “fireside chat.”
    • She’ll share her experiences that led to becoming a top orthopaedic surgeon, and how she had to let go of external financial pressures.
    • She’ll provide financial tips and tricks she’s learned in her journey.

This virtual event is FREE, and the first 60 attendees will receive a thank you gift! Register now by clicking here.

A recap: this event will inspire you to get your financial life in order, no matter your stage.

The event is: “Jumping Into Your Financial Journey: Q+A with NancyMD”

On: Thursday, Nov. 19 at 8 pm Eastern/ 5 pm Pacific Time

The conversation will be geared toward medical students, but the event is open to all!

Register now.

I’ll be there!

What money questions have you been pondering lately? Let me know if there are any topics you’d like me to dive into on the blog!

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