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I used to wonder about this myself.

I wondered if I could have a meaningful and impactful career as a physician without sacrificing enjoyment of my own life.

Can you save lives and still enjoy your own?

About me

Luckily, with some soul searching and some help, I mustered the confidence to declare my path and pursue it.

I enjoyed working with my hands, and though I was intimidated, I knew I could figure the technical stuff out. I had more than an inkling I’d be a good interventional radiologist, even if other people seemed to doubt that. 

Years later, I lead my section and love what I do. That's why I feel compelled to share it with others.

About the mission of

Becoming empowered as a female physician has often meant stepping outside my comfort zone, continuous learning, and finding like-minded people. I hope you can find these things here, in the Tired Superheroine community. 

Known & respected.

A leader.

An advocate for yourself and your patients.

Fulfilled beyond the hospital walls.

An example of what's possible for the next person.

in staying true to yourself, 
You can become:

“It was midway through my first year of residency when I started to feel disillusioned by my career choice. It was during this time that I came across a post written by TiredSuperheroine. I have read it time and again throughout residency. It has kept me grounded, and reminded me of the importance of my training." 

— amina farooq, MD

Barbara Hamilton, MD is an interventional radiologist, leader, and the author of Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own: Finding Your Place in Medicine.

She helps aspiring & early career doctors succeed in the surgically-oriented and traditionally male-dominated fields by pulling back the curtain on what it looks like to be a woman and parent in medicine. Ultimately, she strives to be an example of what is possible for those who would follow in her footsteps.

Through her writing, speaking, and coaching, she aims to patch the leaky pipeline of women aspiring to the male-dominated fields, so more talented people of diverse backgrounds can join her as they transition into fulfilling, multifaceted lives as attending physicians.

Barbara Hamilton, MD

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